I believe for us to truly solve the biggest challenges of today we must have diverse teams of talented individuals working towards one common goal. For this reason I advocate for improved mental health awareness and support in academia and beyond, as well as greater representation and inclusivity, alongside my day job as a research scientist.

I write magazine articles and blogs about mental health in academia, consult on improving mental health for PhD student experience and deliver talks on "Mental Health During your PhD" - if you would like me to come speak at an event, be on a panel about mental health, or write for you please get in touch!

My mental health posters, campaigns and articles

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About me

Analytical scientist

  • Research scientist in the water industry, with background in eletrochemistry and analytical techniques.

  • Appointed member of Royal Society of Chemisty Analytical Division, where I am editor of quarterly newsletter.

  • Scientific committee for #RSCPoster, for the last 3 years.

  • Conference organiser (2013-2019) and chair of Analytical Science Network (2019).


  • Project lead for exhibit design "Diamond: more than just a gemstone" Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2016.

  • Schools' Analyst competition host at University of Warwick (2019).

  • Outreach articles: "What is Analytical Science?" and "Catching a cheat".

  • Numerous other events including "Chemistry at Work", "Science Lates", outreach at local schools and departmental seminars.

Mental Health Advocate

  • Author of #mentalhealth Twitter poster series, exploring mental health in academia. Find them here.

  • Project lead for Twitter campaign #100voices, sharing 100 mental health journeys from researchers over 100 days to reduce the stigma.

  • Co-founder of "Voices of Academia" - mental health blog for academics.

  • Numerous mental health articles.

  • "Equal in STEM 2020" panelist.

ED&I work

  • Co-applicant for "Breaking Barriers" seminar series - funded by the RSC to highlight exceptional chemists from underrepresented groups.

  • Co-author of Warwick Chemistry International Women's Day report - on improving gender diversity in the department, including action plan.

  • Wellbeing and Diversity committee - Uinversity of Warwick.

  • Featured in 1MWIS project.