It is only by understanding the mental health landscape in academia that we can start to work towards the cultural change needed to ensure that academia is inclusive for all. I deliver a range of talks, take part in panels and workshops in my time outside of the lab. 


Interested in me speaking at your event? Please contact me for more information. 

Below are a few themes I speak regularly on:

  • Mental Health During your PhD

  • Navigating STEM and Mental Illness

  • Improving Academic Mental Health support

  • The academic mental health landscape: From PhD to Professor

 Zoë recently gave a talk about mental health during the PhD to our PGR students in the College of Medical and Dental sciences at the university of Birmingham. The talk was outstanding.  Zoë was clear and honest. The students appreciated her telling it like it is and describing the issues of mental health during PGR study so well. Importantly, Zoë offered practical advice on positive action the students could take to look after themselves and gain help if they were struggling. The feedback from the talk from the students has been 100% positive and we would love to have Zoë come back to speak again.

- Dr Jessica M.A. Blair

Selected previous talks and panels include:

  • "Kindness - Building a better chemistry culture" -  Royal Society of Chemistry Webinar - Invited Speaker (2020)

  • "Postgraduate Mental Health: A conversation (I wish I could have) with my younger self" - NEPG - Keynote Speaker (2020)

  • In the spotlight: PhD Mental Health" - CACTUS Global - Panellist and Moderator (2020)

  • "Improving Academic Mental Health: Resources and Initiatives" - AWIS Bethesda -  Invited Speaker and Panellist (2020)

  • "Early Career Researcher Mental Health" - SEPnet Diversity Conference - Invited Speaker (2020)

  • "Protecting your mental health during your PhD (and beyond)" - University of Southampton, - Invited Speaker (2020)

  • "Changing the Culture of Chemistry: Mental health in the lab" - American Chemical Society - Invited Speaker (2021)

  • "Managing Burnout" - Dragonfly Mental Health - Invited Speaker (2021)

Mental Health Talks, Panels & Workshops


Source: © M-H Jeeves (reproduced with permission)

I have written several articles and opinion pieces on mental health provision in academia and as a scientist, as well as appearing on several STEM popular podcasts.

These articles include:

Podcasts include:

Opinion Articles & Podcasts


I create posters to increase the awareness around mental health in academia. ​They are all free to use and distribute. Find them all here.



I have ​run several campaigns to raise awareness about mental health in academia. This includes the
#100 voices project. where 100 researchers came forward to bravely talk about their own mental health and help break the stigma.

I also run the ongoing Academic Mental Health Landscape Project, designed to give a voice to those that feel that they cannot speak openly about mental health due to the stigma that still exists and fear of possible repercussions. 

I recently teamed up with Science On A Postcard, an independent business designed to smash science stereotypes, founded by Heidi Gardner. Heidi and I worked together to create the Science on a Postcard mental health collection, designed to break the stigma around mental health by sparking conversation.  £ of all sales go to Dragonfly Mental Health, a non-profit charity working towards improving academic mental health worldwide.


Thankfully, it is not just me advocating for improving academic mental health support and provision. There are a whole host of amazing communities out there. Here are a few that I think are making waves in this space.​ If you would like to collaborate with me please get in touch!

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Causes I support & Collaborations