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Mental Health Posters

All my mental health posters shown below are free to download and distribute. If you wish to have editable files to change minor aspects of the posters (e.g. helpline numbers), please contact me. They can also be downloaded and referenced from Figshare.

I am not a medical professional, or psychologist - I am a research scientist with lived experience of the mental health pressures in academia. I make these resources for awareness and they are designed to be for guidance only.

My "Mental Health through academia" 4-part series, from undergrad, to PhD, through to postdoc and faculty posters can be downloaded here. These versions have blank boxes on them for mental health hotlines to be added specific to the country/institution that the posters will be shared at.




Ongoing project, looking at the mental health journeys of 100 amazing researchers, showing mental health is part of us all. Get involved below by liking and retweeting the project on Twitter.

This poster explores some of the common stressors that PhD students may experience during their studies. From a competitive landscape to experiencing failure for the first time due to doing novel research that has never been done before.


 A toxic mix

Originally submitted as an entry for #RSCPoster, & with over half a million impressions, this poster explores "Mental Health During your PhD" to help break the stigma around graduate mental health.

The poster also includes possible ways to manage your mental health and wellbeing during PhD study.


Mental health during your PhD


The institution edit

So often the onous is on the student to maintain and look after their own mental health. However, the universities also play a significant role in building a better culture for researchers to help improve working environments. This poster explores the immediate actions these institutions can take to improve PhD #mentalhealth.


Mental health in academia

Mental health impacts us no matter what stage of our academic career we are at. These poster explore the common stressors for both undergraduates and postdoctoral researchers.


Mental Health during COVID-19

During the pandemic, mental health has become even more important than ever. These posters

explore the issues that may impact mental health as well as guidance for "Scientists without a

lab" during this time.


Mental Health - spotlight series

Shining the spotlight on some common mental health themes in graduate students that impact mental health and wellbeing, the spotlight series explores what students, but also PIs, co-workers and universities can do to help improve mental health. 

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