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Analytical scientist, Mental health advocate, driving for change.
Find out more about my projects below:


"This book explores the PhD experience as never before and provides a “survival guide” for current and prospective PhD students. The book investigates why mental health issues are so common among the postgraduate population, going beyond the statistics, looking at lived experience of both the author and as well as current PhD students, who have found balancing mental wellness with the PhD endeavour challenging."

A community campaign where over 300 researchers have no come forward to openly talk about both their research and their mental health, showing we are not alone.

100 Voices


Mental Health Awareness posters, all free to use and distribute, designed to raise the profile of common mental health issues experienced in academia, at all levels.





Want to raise awareness of academic mental health issues? I have experience giving a range of talks to university departments, institutions and professional bodies.

A collaborative project with Dr Marissa Edwards and Emily King, Voices of Academia provides a space for you to explore mental health experiences within academia.


VoA Blog

I have written a range of articles about academic mental health to highlight issues and break the stigma that still exists within academic settings.



Find out about the range of different campaigns and iniatives I run to work towards breaking the stigma and improve mental health support in academia.



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